We met on XBOX Live

My girlfriend and I met on XBOX live playing COD:MW2.  We were both drawn to each other in the very beginning but didn’t pursue it because it seemed unrealistic. After a couple of months of playing and talking we started to realize we were perfect for one another. We confessed our feelings and started considering the possibility of a long distance relationship. We decided to go for it. Our colleges are only 6 hrs apart so for our first meeting we decided to meet half way. It was love at first sight. We’re soul mates. We take turns visiting each other and meeting half way. We see each other every 2-4 weeks. We’ve also visited each others’ home towns (which are 10 hrs apart) and have spent quality time with each others’ families. Both of our parents support our relationship despite having met in such an unconventional way. Once I’ve completed my undergrad I’m going to move there to get my masters. For those out there like us: know you’re not alone!